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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 10 days ago

Simulate user activity on your PC

Move Mouse is a utility tool that simulates activity on your computer. With its help, you can keep your PC in an active state, even when you’re not around. The easy-to-use program prevents your screen from going dim and is suitable for giving presentations and keeping remote sessions active. It also features an automatic start-and-stop function and lets users schedule multiple blackouts. The latest version of Move Mouse for Windows 10 is quite efficient and comes with a new interface that offers improved scripting options.

When your computer doesn’t detect any keyboard or mouse activity, it tries to conserve power by dimming the brightness of the screen. However, this tends to happen even when you connect the system to a projector or are playing a movie. To return to the default power settings, you must press a key or move your cursor. The idea behind Move Mouse is to simulate such activity to keep your device humming.

The easy-to-use program lets you click the left button on your mouse, move the cursor, and send a keystroke. You can even combine the three options as per your requirements. Once you configure the program, it will continually send clicks to your screen to keep remote sessions active, stop screensavers from running, and apply blackout as per user-designed schedules.

Move Mouse lets you also create custom scripts to customize the program as per their requirements. With its help, you can make the program more functional and run different scripts the moment you open the application. The latest version of the tool now also supports almost all popular Windows scripting languages. You can use this update to automate processes that you couldn’t change in past moments.

When you’re away from your computer for a while, it registers your absence by dimming the screen. It also informs other people of your inactivity. For instance, if you step away from your PC while playing a game, other users will know that you’re Away From Keyboard (AFK). Similarly, it also triggers a status update on apps like Slack, Hangouts, and Messenger to let users know you’re not paying attention to your screen.

In case you don’t want that to happen, you’ll need a program that simulates your presence, even when you’re away. Move Mouse is one such program. It keeps your screen active, so you can easily walk away from your PC without alerting others of your absence. It’s also quite handy when you’re watching movies or giving presentations, given the fact that your screen will not go dim.

Move Mouse download is a simple application that simulates user actions. These actions can be in the form of cursor movement, keystrokes, and left clicks. When you’re away, the app imitates activity and gets automatically paused the moment you return. While the program isn’t designed for one specific reason, you can use it to interrupt sleep mode, pause screensavers, and to show you online.

The Microsoft Windows software also features various options to help you customize the program to your requirements. You can run different commands together or individually, plan and pause blackouts, use the pointer at specific coordinates, and set automatic start and stop schedules. Moreover, the program requires minimum effort and doesn’t require any installation once it’s downloaded.

When you download Move Mouse, you come across an intuitive interface with five categories. With the help of the Action tab, you can create different actions that Move Mouse will perform when in use. The program also lets you label different actions so you can trigger them whenever required. Additionally, if you want to decide whether the program is visible or not when it's running, you can do so by clicking on the Appearance tab.

Moreover, if you wish to change the frequency of the actions that Move Mouse performs, you can do so with the help of the Behavior tab. And finally, the Scheduler and Blackouts tab lets users create different schedules for when the mouse would work. With the help of this tab, you can create a plan as to when the application starts and when it stops.

An added functionality offered by the mouse mover program is customization by scripts. You can create and run your own scripts for different events. Creating a start script lets you execute an action the moment you run the program while creating an interval script lets you run the application at set intervals. However, to use this feature, you must know how to create scripts in the first place. 

The latest version of Move Mouse makes custom script creation a lot simpler and clearer. It now supports almost all popular scripting languages that work on Microsoft Windows. The interface is revamped to offer better usability and improved efficiency. Developers of the application have also made changes to the program’s code to offer better accuracy.

The Move Mouse app is quite easy to use and also offers various customization options. However, if you wish to explore alternatives, you should check out Free Mouse Clicker that helps you perform repeated actions, or Mouse Jiggler that keeps your system from going into sleep mode, or Insomnia that keeps your computer awake.

If you’re looking for an easy solution that helps you appear online, even when you’re away from your computer, you will like this program. Move Mouse is easy to use and comes with a range of features that can help you solve various inactivity problems. For coders, the program offers an additional functionality of creating custom scripts.

The latest version offers improved efficiency as well as a redesigned interface. You can use the various options available on the screen to change the position of the mouse cursor, register keystrokes, and trigger clicks. If you’re looking for a software program that keeps your computer active and prevents your screen from going dim, you should download Move Mouse.


  • Free to download and use
  • Simulates user activity
  • Works on instant messaging apps
  • Option to schedule blackouts
  • Supports custom coding


  • Limited functions

Program available in other languages

Move Mouse for PC

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